Cigar box ukuleles have the typical 4 strings and have a shorter neck then the cigar box guitar. The ukulele was developed in the 1880’s and was introduced to Hawaiian Islands by Portuguese immigrants. The ukulele gained popularity during the 20th century. The ukulele comes in four sizes known as a soprano, a concert, a tenor, and a baritone. The soprano ukulele is the second smallest and was the original size.

Arturo cigar box 

Concert ukulele. 

It is acoustic Details $80.00
Arturo uke






Sam Houston Ukulele  

This design or something similar would look fantastic on a guitar, too. Details

$140.00 Includes shipping

SH front Ukulele

Sam Houston Front




Salmon Fillet Box made into a Concert Ukulele below  $80.00  SOLD

Fillet uke





Fillet uke head







These two are concert ukuleles and have nylon strings.

Concert cigar box ukulele with frets & 4 nylon strings and a piezio pickup.  Click on the pic for enlarged view.  $80.00  SOLD

Cigar Box Ukulele






CB Ukulele Head








CB Ukulele Box











Custom concert ukulele with custom box gold accents, nylon strings and piezio pickup.  $85.00   SOLD

(Thanks Doug.  Now make some noise.)

Click on a pic for enlarged view. 


Custom Ukulele Box








Custom UKulele









Custom Ukulele Head