The creation of the dulcimer dates back to the 1700’s.  Due to a lack of tools and time, the early settlers to America, resorted to making something less  elaborate than the complex violin.  Their version was made with less dramatic curves.  In the 1800’s the mountain dulcimer was a parlor instrument since the modest volume was well-suited for the small home gatherings.  There were very few mountain dulcimer makers but the few that built the instruments were from Kentucky.

The dulcimer is presumed to be one of the easiest string instruments to learn. It is commonly played laying flat on the table to boost volume.  Most dulcimers had 3 strings, but some had as few as 2 and as many as 12.  The modern day dulcimers usually have 4 strings.


Mountain Dulcimer.  



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Mountain Dulcimer neck

 Folk dulcimer



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Folk dulcimer 


















The dulcimer below has 4 strings and frets. Two of the strings are very close together.  Those are called drone strings.  The strings can be repositioned to your liking.  The back and finger board are black walnut and the sound board is western red cedar.  The sides and fiddle head are cherry.  $190.00 SOLD    

This one has been sold but you can order one exactly like it or make some custom changes to your specifications.

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Dulcimer    Neck head dulcimer    Dulcimer Scroll
Below is a quick & easy beginning lesson on the mountain dulcimer.