Cigar Box Guitar

The Cigar Box Guitar

Cigar Box Guitars can be traced back to 1840 – 1860.  There was a resurgence of Cigar Box Guitar popularity in the 1930 due to the “Great Depression”. Times were hard and there was little money for entertainment, but with an old cigar box, an old broom handle and wire from an old screen door, one could pluck out a tune out on the porch. The first Cigar Box Guitars typically had only one string. The one string guitars became known as the Diddley Bo.   Most today have 3 – 4 strings. 

Folk Instruments with unique features

You must realize that the guitars made with genuine cigar boxes may have scuffs, scratches and slight blemishes, since the boxes have been sitting in the cigar shops.  We are very careful when selecting the boxes but none are perfect.  Those imperfections are what make them “folk”.  The guitars that have been sold are still displayed on this page, so that you can see what has been made & you can custom order one similar or completely different.

Prices include shipping

Smokin’ Boy 3-string acoustic Cigar Box Guitar with strap buttons and rustic embellishments.  

Details $100.00



2-string bass electric dark blue enamel Bedpan Cigar Box guitar with volume & tone controls



Blue Bedpan

One string electric Diddley Bow Cigar Box Guitar  with volume & tone controls

Details $100.00



4 – String Stainless Steel instrument container with volume & tone controls

Details $200.00



One string primitive cigar box fiddle with bow.  It is acoustic and fretless.  Works well with a slide.

  Details $80.00


Primitive 3

Day of the Dead 4- string Cigar Box Guitar with magnetic pickup  

Details $180.00


Day of the dead front 

Black baking pan 4-string acoustic.  Very sleek look.  

Details $140.00


Black Pan


Lion One string electric cigar box guitar. 



San Lotano is a 4-string electric CBG with volume & toner controls.

Details   $140.00


Monkey Shine   


3 String acoustic

Cigar Box Guitar

Details $100.00

Monkey Shine

Lunch Time

guitar is a

3 string acoustic

Details $160.00


Lunch time

One string antique

bed warmer

guitar/diddley bow.

  Acoustic and fretless. 

Works great with a slide.

Details $100.00

Bed Warmer Diddley Bow

V8 Twin neck- two open tunings on this 8 string electric cigar box guitar.  It has two magnetic pickups and a switch on the side to toggle one neck or the other.

Details   $150.00

V8 main

Chicken feeder 4 string Cigar Box Guitar with pickup and sound holes.  


Details $190.00

light chicken feeder guitar



4 string washboard guitar with pickup. 

Details $140.00



 Millennium Falcon 4-string electric with volume & tone controls

Two millennial falcon

to be ready soon.



Millenium Falcon closeup

This 6-string short scale electric cigar box guitar is complete.  Photo below is the finished product.


Details $220.00


Cigar Box 6 string


Shovel guitar is a one string electric diddley bow with a lipstick pickup.

Details   $100.00


Romeo Cigar Box Guitar 4-string electric


Details $150.00 


Flamin’ Hot  3-string electric Cigar Box Guitar with sound holes and pot pan lid for resonator.

Details $180.00


La Gloria 1-string electric diddley bow with cigar box

Details $100.00

La Gloria


Salmon Eagle 4-string acoustic Cigar Box Guitar with Salmon Roxana Leask artwork




Texas CBG 3 – string electric cigar box guitar made with a Texas brand cigar box.

Details  $140.00





York Peppermint Patty






































































































































The guitars below have been sold, but they show the craftsmanship Bob puts into the guitars and the creativity. Looking at the sold inventory can help you create a custom guitar just for you.
This Route 66 is a 6 – string short scale electric, too.   

 $180.00    SOLD

Route 66














Wooden bowl 3-string with pickup 

 $130.00  SOLD







3- string Resonator Guitar – Fretted and 1 piezio pickup  – $180.00  SOLD

Resonator Guitar

Custom made box made of alder and stained with Ebony stain.  The finish is 5 coats of Tung Oil. Click on photo for enlarged view











This one is sold but another one is in the making.  The bed pan on the next one is a dark blue with speckles. It will, also, have 4 string and  will be electric.   $200.00

4-string electric Bed Pan guitar with magnetic pickup.  Sounds fantastic.  $200.00  SOLD

Bed pan electric











4-String electric resonator with magnetic pickup.  Has distressed finish with ash neck and it is fretted. $180.00 SOLD

Disstressed Reso










Big Feather cigar box guitar with 4-string .  Sound holes.

$60.00 SOLD






Naturally Southern -3-string electric $100.00 SOLD

CBG Fholes 2

Naturally Southern 3-string electric $100.00













Smokin’ – 3-string electric cigar box guitar with f sound holes $100.00  (SOLD)


Smokin’ – 3-string electric with f sound holes $100.00













Solid walnut 3 string electric guitar – Fretted with Lipstick pickup  $150.00  SOLD

Solid walnut CBG













Golden Coinage Cigar Box Guitar   – Susie’s 3rd creation signed & numbered and stamped with the River Rat logo.  $100.00  SOLD


Golden coinageSilver metal corner protectors, 3-string, fretted. Click on photo to see enlarged

Golden Coinage 2 

Red rhinestones surround the edge and gold coins decorate the front.picture.

Golden Coinage 3

A metal charm is inlaid at the end of the fret board.  It is a replica of a compass.



Snake Eyes Geared Up  $120.00 SOLD

Three string, Electric, two sound holes, turquoise inlay fret markers.  Stamped & numbered by Susie













Closeup Gears






















Garden Guitar – 3 string electric, two sound holes with  inlaid crystal markers on the fretboard. $120.00 SOLD

Stamed & numbered by Susie














3string 1 pickupLipstick 3-string This fretted 3-string model has 1 lipstick pickup.  $100.00

Chrome corner covers.  SOLD






The Pirate Booty Box

Susan couldn’t resist.  She made a cigar box guitar & “jacked” it up.   This ones got all the essentials… fretted, 3- string, and piezio pickup. Then on top of that there are inlaid Swarovski aurora borealis crystals in the neck, there is a lock & key, copper wire, gears, and bolts, hinges.  Great Steampunk Style still puttin’ out that sweet River Rat Rhythm sound.  $100.00   SOLD Click picture for enlarged view.

Resized Top Resized backend Resized Label #1



This is a 3 string Cigar Box Guitar with 2  pickups and frets. $120.00   SOLD

frontpage cbg

This 3- string cigar box guitar has 2 pick ups.







Kuba cigar box guitar Kuba 13-string and fretted with a piezo pickup$85.00 SOLD

Click on photo to see enlarged picture.


Kuba 2 Inlaid dime at end of fret board. Black leather corner guards.







Kuda cigar Box guitar

Back of the Kuba cigar box.  Stamped with the River Rat logo and signed & numbered by Susie.  This is #2.







This cigar box guitar has one string and frets and a piezio pickup. $40.00 SOLD

Close up white cigar box


A true cigar box guitar made with a genuine cigar box. This Cigar Box Guitar has one string is fretted and has a piezio pick .  





Close up peppermint tinPeppermint Bark – single string fretted with piezio pickup – 

$40.00 SOLD






Honey Tone –  Retro styling and vintage tone in a mini amp!Honey Tone Amp

The Danelectro HoneyTone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp cranks like a little hot rod has a great clean or overdriven sound. The HoneyTone amp, also, boasts a real leather handle with a belt clip, headphone jack, Volume, Tone, and Overdrive controls. The HoneyTone N-10 amp is powered by 9-volt battery (included) or a Danelectro DA-1 adapter (not included).  $30.00


  • Great clean and overdrive tones
  • Leather handle
  • Belt clip
  • Headphone jack

Got to play that last Sunday and would love to get one someday. It sounded great!” Oliver Bowdoin Oliver Bowdoin

Watch the video below for a beginning lesson on the 3 string cigar box guitar.