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Bob grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River at Savanna, IL.  He remembers spending many hours with his dad in the “back” waters, fishin’ for catfish and bass in their little John boat.  He developed an interest in harmonicas because his grandmother played a harmonica in her spare time.  After years of practice, Bob is a talented blues harp player.  One of his favorite blues harp players is Howlin’ Rat, ooops, I mean Howlin’ Wolf. He had no idea, he would one day be making cigar box guitars.

Handmade Folk Instruments emerge with Cigar Box Guitars

So in an effort to satisfy his love of blues music and woodworking, Bob began building folk instruments.  He had built a mountain dulcimer in the 1990’s for his son and after retirement, he decided he’d like to make another.  As you can see on the dulcimer page, it turned out beautifully.  After making the dulcimer he started making cigar box guitars and currently has ukuleles,  resonator guitars and lots of cigar box guitars, electric and acoustic available.

Combining Bob’s love of the blues and woodworking evolves to River Rat Rhythms.

Blues Bob

Bob takes special custom orders, so don’t hesitate to discuss your dream guitar or other folk instrument with him to get exactly what you want.






Watch the video below for a beginning lesson on the 3 string cigar box guitar.

 Below is a quick & easy beginning lesson on the mountain dulcimer.














Cigar Box Guitars have recently made a comeback. The Cigar Box Guitars offer originality and creativity.  There are no two Cigar Box Guitars alike.  They come in 1 – 6 strings and some have even made 12 -string guitars. They can be fancy or crude & primitive.  Making a Cigar Box Guitar takes some thinkin’ outside the box.  Click here for video of the history of Cigar Box Guitars.



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River Rat Rhythms – Handmade Folk Instruments made in the USA

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